Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Was Going To Be A Post About Dementors, But Now Its About TV

WARNING: If you do not appreciate ranting or are watching Once Upon a Time and aren't up to date, do not read past this sentence. This is all.

Once Upon a Time writers, you annoy me. Just thought you should know. The show is going the way of so many others, except slowly and painfully. The show was never amazing to start with. It was a fun idea with some really great potential. And now it's dying. All the complex characters are getting destroyed. Regina has taken what is (I assume) a permanent turn for the worse. Her efforts to not use magic and stay good for Henry were so interesting. And Emma, she was forced to grow up and change so much. Now she is stagnant.

But the character that hurts my soul, the one that has me wanting to strangle the writers, is August. A.k.a. Pinocchio. He was such  a good character. Complex with out being too obvious about it. No one was waving a giant red flag saying 'look! we can write complex characters!'. And now he is once again a little boy. A little boy with no personality and no memories. How boring is that! He was going to form this great love triangle with Emma's ex and struggle with staying good. He should have stayed wooden for a few more episodes, grown into a good person instead of a complete reversal. And the new evil girlfriend woman is annoying. It's like the writers are fulfilling a certain equation they have lined up. They need a certain number of evil characters. Bleh.

At least Mr. Gold is still interesting. I'm glad at least someone still has an interesting inner struggle. Everyone else is boring.

I understand that not all the characters can be really complex. There's too many characters. But even the main characters are disappointing me.

I would do a much better job writing this show than the current writers. Just saying.

Is it so hard to write interesting characters? The British and Korean seem to have it a grip on it.

Ok, phew. My rant is over. My apologies
 to anyone who actually made it this far.


  1. Your rant makes me grateful I stopped watching last season. When they broke Snow & Prince up again in the tunnel of craziness to a different land, it was over for me. Glad I quit watching. Thanks for saving my hours and recapping what has been happening. :) LOVE.

  2. You make me smile. But I do have to agree that Once Upon a Time is taking a turn for the worse and getting a little too predictable. I do not like that they had snow white kill the wicked mom lady (sorry don't know the character names well enough.) But my main beef is that Mr. Gold is so creepy looking when he is wicked. I can't stand to watch the episodes when he is creepy.