Saturday, April 20, 2013

The End of Semester-ness

I am studied out. Done for. Except I've only studied for half of my finals. Blurb. I shall take my last final tonight at 9 pm (I know, ick. It's scheduled, so I have no choice) and then be half way done. But good news! I had my last day of work today. It feels wonderful. And I had a chocolate shake that was just okay. And my roommate got contraband gold fish. They are adorable and still unnamed.

Dear Friends. I am so ready to be home. I think I will make some Spring Rolls and go take pictures of the arboretum with my sister. And I will not study or think about art history. Art history is amazing. But I am pretty much breathing it right now. Last night I could not fall asleep because I was trying to remember if the Amiens Cathedral was High or Early Gothic.


Summer is almost here friends. I am ready to not do finals any more.

Happy thought! These are my last finals for almost 2 years. It will feel wonderful in about a week.

Apology: I have no quotes for this semester. I forgot, like, every day. *Shamed face*. It's okay, we'll survive. I took lots of pictures instead. Also, these are completely unedited because I have no time for editing pictures. So bare with me.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Because I should be doing homework, yet I am not

 I really should be working on my final for my drawing class. But I am rationalizing myself into relaxation. I  made headway in the assignment this morning. I worked for six hours. I'm feeling lazy now that I have finally eaten dinner (it's 9 pm. It was banana pancakes. So good.), etc, etc.

So make this mildly better I am trying to be mildly productive and write this post. I think I shall even post pictures.

These just below are from our jaunt to the Festival of Colors. It's an Hindu festival that I know nothing about except that everyone throws colors at each other. We all felt quite creepy in our doctors masks, but when everyone threw a handful of color into the air at once (its a thing) they came in quite handy. Without them I'm pretty sure our lungs would have been rainbow colored.

We rather enjoyed ourselves. For more pictures check out our group photo blog here

I've recently developed this love for street art and graffiti. Even though a lot of it is just ugly and crude, some of it can be quite beautiful. I've decided that if it weren't totally illegal (and I believe in following the laws, they are good things) I would be a tagger. Do they have permits for this kind of thing? I bet there's some place where there's this giant wall where people are allowed to just paint whatever. I should find this place and get out some of my tagging angst. 

The rest of the pictures are from our various adventures. Okay, just one adventure. But that's just because I was really good at taking pictures pretty much all day one Saturday. It was after we went to the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference (click here to learn about Mormons). But we've been on several adventures lately and I rather enjoy it. I think I might go on some more (most likely solo as I will be home and all my friends elsewhere) rambling picture taking adventures before I leave on my mission. 

So friends. I should probably try to actually be productive. It is finals an all.