Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Was Going To Be A Post About Dementors, But Now Its About TV

WARNING: If you do not appreciate ranting or are watching Once Upon a Time and aren't up to date, do not read past this sentence. This is all.

Once Upon a Time writers, you annoy me. Just thought you should know. The show is going the way of so many others, except slowly and painfully. The show was never amazing to start with. It was a fun idea with some really great potential. And now it's dying. All the complex characters are getting destroyed. Regina has taken what is (I assume) a permanent turn for the worse. Her efforts to not use magic and stay good for Henry were so interesting. And Emma, she was forced to grow up and change so much. Now she is stagnant.

But the character that hurts my soul, the one that has me wanting to strangle the writers, is August. A.k.a. Pinocchio. He was such  a good character. Complex with out being too obvious about it. No one was waving a giant red flag saying 'look! we can write complex characters!'. And now he is once again a little boy. A little boy with no personality and no memories. How boring is that! He was going to form this great love triangle with Emma's ex and struggle with staying good. He should have stayed wooden for a few more episodes, grown into a good person instead of a complete reversal. And the new evil girlfriend woman is annoying. It's like the writers are fulfilling a certain equation they have lined up. They need a certain number of evil characters. Bleh.

At least Mr. Gold is still interesting. I'm glad at least someone still has an interesting inner struggle. Everyone else is boring.

I understand that not all the characters can be really complex. There's too many characters. But even the main characters are disappointing me.

I would do a much better job writing this show than the current writers. Just saying.

Is it so hard to write interesting characters? The British and Korean seem to have it a grip on it.

Ok, phew. My rant is over. My apologies
 to anyone who actually made it this far.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Veggies and Scones. But not together.

I feel like a cooking boss. My roommate and I made scones today, that's a new one for me. They weren't amazing, but that was because we had to substitute a few ingredients. So for the modifications we made they were pretty good. I'm starting to dream of having a kitchen with a wide range of foods so I can actually make the things I think of making. Like ginger chicken and spring rolls and fancy rice dishes that I can't pronounce or spell. 

I can't wait until I have my own garden so I can have fresh green beans and onions and tomatoes and raspberries. I love raspberries. I must admit, I've even dreamed of owning chickens. But only so I can have fresh eggs. Chickens are ugly and right up there with squirrels (tree rats) on my list of animals I dislike. But fresh eggs.... I spent ten minutes last night looking at an add trying to sell me chicks. I don't know why we got this ad (it was from a farming store) seeing as how my whole area is college students who will get kicked out of their apartments if we have animal. It wasn't very well thought through on the stores part. 

I also have this dream of living in New York with a hubby, living in a tiny apartment and eating Thai and Indian food all the time. These are two very different dreams. Strange how they come out of one person. But they aren't that different, I imagine having vegetables filling my little, almost non-existent patio. Home grown vegetables are important. I miss them. Probably part of this stems from the fact that it is now spring. I am keeping a sharp eye out for buds. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Missions and voices

I am speechless. I don't mean this in the 'That is so amazing I can't come up with any words to do it justice' way. I mean it in the literally. I have lost my voice. My guess would be it is from a combination of too much sugar, talking much more than usual (with my family in town and all), and a cold. Mix all these in a pan and cook at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Wa-la! The perfect recipe for losing your voice. Or rather, mine. So I am staying home from work and skipping class in order to save others from sharing in my fate. My poor roommates are already at risk.

But lets speak of happier things. I finally got my mission call! All of you that read this blog already know this, but I'm going to share anyways. I like sharing. Drumroll please......
Malaga, Spain!! I am going to the Madrid, Spain MTC on July 24th to start my 18 months serving the Lord. I am so excited. Thus the multitude of pictures. I don't know if these are a good representation of Spain or not, they're all from Google.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Because I have amazing friends

My roommates are amazing, I must say. We have had so much fun this year. Somehow, grocery shopping has become something I look forward to as we go to the "magical place called Winco", to quote one of these roommates. Winco really is amazing. If you live in Idaho or Utah, see if you have one in town. You'll be amazed how much  money you save.

But anyways. Amazing roommates who are lots of fun. We will all be going our separate ways in a few months when the semester ends. Some on missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , some onto other college adventures. We were sad to not be living together any more, but excited for all the adventures we were going to have.

And then someone had a moment of inspiration. 

So we have started a blog together. A photo blog, to be precise. There are nine of us and we are going to share our adventures with each other. And you dear reader, if you care to join our little party. Pictures fill the spaces between words, thus the name of the blog, Bracing Ellipsis. Take a look! We've already got quite a few pictures up and the design is much better than my little blog here. It's fun, and it gives me another place to let out my artsy itches. 

Speaking of splitting ways, I am currently waiting for my mission call. It could possibly come today. The experience of waiting for my mission call has shown me that I am not a very patient person. I guess this is good practice. When I find out I will let you all know with a beautiful little map and all sorts of unnecessary details. 

Peace out. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thus is Life.

Because I know you are all dying to know, I did, in fact, go running. I should have worn gloves. My hands were pretty icy by the time I got back.

I should be doing homework right now. Studying, in fact. For three tests. But I have studied so much over the last few days that I am feeling very studied-out. And I'm still not quite ready for my tests.

I just realized I was making strange faces as I typed. Thinking about my multiple tests is not pleasant.

Just moments ago I went down to our beloved laundry room and ran into an Indie-Rock band. The four guys had beards and beanies and all. Very hipster, and very loud. So I took a picture. It's not a very good one, but I felt awkward taking the previously mentioned photo and they felt awkward being watched. So I left quickly. I just found it so very... college. It must be noted that the picture below is not one of my new awkward hipster friends. It is a random picture of a random guy who lives on the Google images page. He just looks very similar to my new hipster friends.

It's funny, because my image of college from the standpoint of high school is very different than life. I thought I would be out partying every weekend, up until at least midnight every night and going on more dates than I could count. And here I am studying on a Friday night.

Let me clarify, I do go out and party during the weekend. Just not every weekend. Some weeks the homework monster eats me whole and doesn't spit me out for days at a time. It's quite unpleasant I must admit. But so worth it. I'd rather encounter the homework monster every day than work at a pizza place for the rest of my life. I'm so done with my job. The people are fun and I like the customers. I'm just completely and utterly bored. I'm ready for a job that involves some sitting and less heavy lifting. And that I don't walk away from smelling like pepperoni and fried dough (no, we don't fry the pizzas. Just everything else.)

And I just had to include this picture. I witnessed this surprise birthday party after work one day. Apparently she really likes Batman because she was raving about her Batman cake when he showed up. Whoever she is, I hope she doesn't mind having her face plastered on my blog.

Thus is life.