Thursday, November 29, 2012

In honor of the end (of the semester)

It's the end of the semester. You know what that means? Quotes! Unfortunately, they aren't as good this semester as they have been in the past. This is only partially my fault. I kept forgetting, but I also didn't have professors that were throwing out quotes worthy phrases on a regular basis. So most of these quotes are from my roommates. Thus it is.

“I aspire to be heartless”

“I don’t like your eyebrows."

“I’m the Krispy Kreme all the way through.”

"We have poetry. And camels."

"Jack Sparrow and Sherlock Holmes are drunk on a ship!"

"I would spent money on Pagoravich any day."
"... That sounds like a drug..."
"He plays like he's on drugs!"

"Guys, I still think we should put the snot on the wall.

"Ouch! Right in the feelings!"

"I can't hear you, the toilet is singing to me."

"We'll have sexy face practice."

"He has cute cheeks... he does!"
"Well that's really wrong."

"How do you play with trees?"
"You hug them."

"Ponies fly actively through portal doors."

"It's like a double wedding, but of the funeral variety."

"Get your vulnerability off me!"

"Our relationship could be a baby!"

"Uneducated, uncivilized, uncultured swine! I'm sure they're good people though."

"I want to take my clothes off."

"I accidentally murdered K--- in the hallway. Twice."

"Today, I bought a head."

"I really don't like clothes."

"I'm a seductive beast."

"I haven't sniffed you yet."

"I don't like you."
"I don't like you either."
"I didn't like you first."
"You sing good."

"My bones were being fat."

"You guys are making me lose all my snot."

"Say no to cannibalism."

"I 'm very attached to my decapitated people."

"I'm not sure it's ethical, but I have to do it. It's like testing rats."

"Just because I kicked you in the face doesn't mean I don't love you!"

*I bleeped out names for the sake of privacy.

Good luck with finals everyone! And if you no longer take finals, count your blessings

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Keys incident

The other day I was walking home from school. This is a fairly regular thing for me to do, especially since I have moved my bike for the winter. Anyways, I was walking home and noticed these three guys who were picking up soaking wet leaves of the even wetter grass and putting them in bags. Knowing college boys, it was totally for a prank. As I watched one boy threw the keys to the other. In a gliding, very high arc they aimed directly for the second boy. And then, because nothing ever goes smoothly, they got stuck in the tree. All four of us stared in a moment of dumbfounded amazement. How had this happened? The probability was so small.
The guy who threw the keys noticed me. I smiled and waved.
"Good luck!"
The friends turned and noticed me. I kept walking. I was cold, and I wanted my hot chocolate. And in my boots there was no way I could help them get the keys anyways. I'd be more of a hinder than a help, especially since the keys were not even remotely close to the trunk. There was no hope of simply climbing the tree and grabbing them.
My only regret is that I did not stay to watch. I am curious as to how they got their keys out of the tree.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Weekend

I am King. I rule the pizza making world. I worked myself sick. To all of those who did Dance Sport, or the Boy Scouts Pow-Wow, or came to campus as part of their college football watching experience, you are welcome. I made you pizzas, calzones, and sides at an incredible pace in my tiny little store. At least 300 pizzas and calzones. And then sides several times. My coworker casheried like a crazy woman and I ran around our little 6x24 (I'm totally guessing) store like there was no tomorrow.
And now I am sick. Hopefully no one gets sick from me. It's not a cold, more a I-feel-really-gross-and-have-a-stupid-headache kind of sick. So I think my pizza lovin' friends are safe. Now I just have to get better. The semester is so close to being over I can taste it. I would really like to finish in one piece.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A beautiful day

Yesterday we celebrated my roommates birthday by going to her favorite restaurant. It's this little family owned Vietnamese place. We all got pho which is this delicious soup with rice noodles and your choice of meat. If you have never had pho before, please go try to find some. It was amazing. We tried bubble drinks too which are these fruit drinks with tapioca balls in it. It was so fun to try new food and it all tasted great. Neither of these photos are from our trip but they look almost exactly like what we had.
To top it off that night a roommate and I made homemade pizza. We've done this several times before but this was our best one yet. Mozzarella, spinach, olives, onion, fresh tomatoes and fetta. It was fantastic, and so healthy! I love it when healthy things taste really yummy too. Of course we counteracted all the healthiness by making cookies to eat while we watched a movie. But that's besides the point. It was a great Saturday. I was productive all morning and had fun all night. Not every Saturday is so balanced.