Thursday, October 25, 2012

My bike ate my shoe

I'm not exaggerating when I say my bike ate my shoe. It's the litteral truth. Half-litteral. Since my bike isn't alive and doesn't have a mouth or stomach. I was biking home the other day and my shoe got suddenly tight. I looked down and to my dismay my laces were wrapped around the pedal. My shoe has very long laces. I was tempted to stop but since I was in the middle of crossing a street I said to my self "ah, better not" and kept biking. Well my shoe got much tighter. So tight in fact I was a little worried for the safety of my foot. And then I simaltaniously heard and felt my shoe begin to rip. It was immedately much looser, but my stomach sank. I crossed the road and untangled myself and finished going home. When I walked away from my bike my shoe almost fell off my foot. This is what it looked like (sorry for the poor quality).

As you can see, one side of my shoe the lace hole thingies are totally ripped out. So now this pair of shoes are in the trashcan. It's a shame, they were my favorite shoes. Very comfy and matched everything. Oh well. I'll be wearing boots for the rest of the year anyways, apparently it's snowing outside. Everyone keeps walking into the library with snow on their shoulders and hair. I would have been okay if it had waited until after Halloween to snow.

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