Friday, October 19, 2012

The weekend has arrived

It is officially the weekend. I have taken my tests, gone to my classes and not started my homework for Monday. You know what the best part of the weekend is though? I don't work this Saturday. This means I get to sleep in. This almost never happens. I am up by 7:30 almost every day, including Sundays. I have been counting down the mornings until Saturday. I live for sleeping in. (Not really.)

Earlier this week while I was sitting outside on campus I saw one of the cutest things of my entire life. This young family was sitting a few feet away and two little girls were being absolutely adorable. They were running around all the college students and would pat one on the leg before running away crying "your it!" Of course the college students were either oblivious or ignoring (I choose to believe they were all oblivious) the girls and kept going. The girls were so confused by this! It was sweet to watch, I almost wanted to join in. I probably would have if 1) that would have probably freaked mom and dad out a bit 2) I was eating for the first time in too many hours 3) I had class in two minutes. But it was still cute. I should have taken a picture.

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