Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home sweet home

So now that I have been home for almost a month I've gotten into enough of a routine to actually remember to write on this little ol' blog of mine. Not a lot has happened since I do basically the same thing every day. It took some getting used to I must say. I've never worked full time before. It reminds me why I'm going to college. My current job is to sanitize instruments for a Orthodontist. The people I work with are great, I'm just bored. I spend a lot of my day in my own little corner with my back to everyone else. It's not that much different from my last job in that respect. So I am continuing my old habits of planning stories or singing to myself, anything to keep my mind busy. 

I also thought I'd throw in some of the pictures I've been taking. I walked  past this window almost every day after school so on the last day of finals I finally took a picture of it. BYU graffiti, friends. It's really intense. 
Nah, I think it's great. A reminder of the Jimmer craze and it's on a building that will probably not be used again for ten years. I don't even know what it was used for before it was closed, that was before I ever walked past. 

 The boys came with my mom to pick me up from school. Neither of them like having their pictures taken but I did manage to catch a couple. Most of them are as the boys are dodging away from me (like the bottom two where they cover their faces. Typical.), but I bribed them into letting me have just one smiling picture of them. When it comes to these two it's cheesy smiles all the way.

We stopped to spend the night with my Grandparents in a little farming town outside of Boise. I love it there, it's so peaceful and there's plenty of room to breathe. 

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